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5 Easy Ways to Cut Energy Costs in Your Commercial Building

Take These Steps to Save Money and Lower Consumption

When it comes to the bottom line, it’s all too easy to ignore the small changes in daily operations that can make a difference when it comes to your power bill. Did you know, for example, that according to the U.S. Energy Administration, lighting itself is still the largest single energy use for your commercial space? Or that since 1979, the use of updated office equipment like copiers, computers, monitors and servers have been one of the main reasons behind the significant rise in overall commercial electricity costs?

HVAC, air conditioning
Energy costs aren’t pretty and continue to rise.

But perhaps that’s insider trivia for those of us in an energy related industry like HVAC. What’s even more important are the following tips that may help you reduce your consumption, foster awareness of your actual usage, and prepare for coming changes in statewide energy policy that may also affect your future operating costs.

Install a Smart Thermostat.

Did you know you can check all your thermostat settings from your PC, tablet or mobile? With a product like the Smart Wifi Thermostat from Ecobee that’s compatible with more than 99% of all commercial HVAC systems, you can access this data quickly and easily. Furthermore, you may be eligible for utility rebates. Just ask your HVAC consultant!

Compare Your Energy Usage with Similar Buildings in Your Climate Zone.

The EPA offers a free benchmark tool online that lets you compare your energy usage with buildings like yours in a similar climate area. It’s a great reality check, with metrics that allow you to assess your energy consumption, set realistic goals, and measure progress.

Check Your Ducts for Leaks

Standards for ductwork have changed over time, improving indoor air quality and reducing leakage. Most of the commercial ducts in use today aren’t yet updated, meaning you could be unknowingly facing more than a 30% leakage rate. That’s money you don’t need to be spending-and a problem that’s readily fixed.

Clean Cooling Coils

While we’ve discussed in this space the perils (and scams) around “duct cleaning services”-the dirt and debris that can accumulate in the coil system is no myth. It makes your equipment work harder, burning more energy and wearing out more quickly. With a power wash or application of a good cleaning solution, you can reduce costs and boost equipment life.

Ask Your HVAC Consultant to Check Air Distribution

HVAC, air conditioning
A comfortable temperature is mission critical for productivity.

Remember, tenants report that they move from one building to another primarily because it’s either too hot or too cold at the old location. Don’t have an empty building-or lose employees- because your air conditioning system isn’t up to par. Unbalanced air distribution means some parts of your building will be freezing, while other areas might be too warm. Your HVAC consultant can evaluate your current system, ensuring it’s functioning at peak efficiency.

In a marketplace where so much is difficult to predict, your HVAC system shouldn’t be an unknown. When it comes to commercial air conditioning, we’re the company the San Gabriel Valley trusts. Call Air-Tro today at (626)357-3535 for a consultation and assessment of your current system.