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Glenna’s HVAC Houseplant: Our Secret Good Luck Charm at Air-Tro, Inc.

A Little Extra Green Energy in the Office

We’re known at Air-Tro for friendly service, experienced, well trained employees, and great prices on all the best heating and air conditioning systems. As a family owned business since 1969, we’re proud we’ve developed a reputation as the the number one heating and air conditioning for the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.

But the real secret to our success? According to some, it goes beyond the 5 star rankings. It has to do with Glenna’s lucky plant.

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Houseplants have been shown to promote clean air in an office environment.

HVAC Office Managers Are Always Cool

Glenna is our office manager. She keeps our employees and our office running more smoothly than the most efficient air conditioning unit on the market today. In fact, she’s even in charge of the thermostat, which at Air-Tro is a huge honor.

But Glenna is more than just an employee at Air-Tro. She’s a plant whisperer. On her desk, in fact, is a houseplant she’s kept not only alive but thriving for more than a decade. Bright green and full of healthy foliage, the plant has been awarded a spot on one of the front corners of her desk. For most employees, it’s what they see first in the morning and last at night. It doesn’t smell, and it doesn’t seem to have any flowers, but its seasonless beauty is the real green energy in the office. It puts the occasional cut flowers and silk plants around the building to shame.

Going Green Starts with AirTro Heating and Air Conditioning

Glenna tells us, in a spare moment between filing and billing and answering the phone and reminding the boss about an important conference call in 3 minutes and “oh-did-you-see-you have-a-chili-stain-on-your-shirt,” that she received the plant more than 14 years ago as a gift from her husband. In fact, they’re still married too! Glenna just seems to have a good eye for things that last. 

We like to say it’s a lucky plant. Of course, it’s happy in the office, as are most of the people around here, actually. You can’t run a business for as long as we have without striving to make your employees feel valued and important over the long haul. It’s why Glenna herself has been here more than 24 years. Come to think of it, that’s how we’ve kept so many clients year after year, season after season.  And her houseplant.

Need advice on how you can make your home or office cost effective when it comes to heating and air conditioning? Or want some tips on your houseplants? Either way, give Air-Tro a call today at (626)357-3535!