Hotter Than Ever: In Praise of Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning: Collateral Benefits That Matter

In a year some scientists are calling potentially the hottest ever on record, the battle over the value of air conditioning is still fought in some circles. Would we be better off without it, some ask? Is it somehow more desirable or morally upright to just sweat it out?

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Temperatures are rising.

Looking at the facts, the answer is decidedly no. Studies show that in addition to making us more comfortable, air conditioning saves lives, keeps us happy, and results in more efficient employees. While the thermostat should always be a matter of personal preference, HVAC allows people to thrive in environments where otherwise they might find themselves unhappy, unproductive, or actually unwell.

Consider the following:

HVAC saves lives.

There’s a reason why your local television station broadcasts frequent updates about cooling centers during a heat wave. Quality HVAC keeps people safe. Since 1974, episodes of hot and cold weather have killed equal numbers of people in the United States alone. The elderly and those living with existing medical conditions are especially at risk. As our climate heats up, now is not only a time to consider whether your AC is working properly, but that of your elderly loved ones and family members. Just as you wouldn’t consider going without heat in the winter, especially in a cold climate, it is equally prudent to consider a high quality, cost efficient HVAC system as an essential part of any modern home in the west or any place where temperatures can soar.

HVAC makes people happier.

Did you know there are credible studies about the effects of heat on mental health? Hot weather and uncomfortable temperatures have been shown to exacerbate mental health problems and self harming behavior. That means symptoms of everything from mild depression to severe illness are made worse, quite simply, when people don’t have a cool, comfortable environment in which to retreat when things get hot. If you or a loved one struggle with any kind of mental health problem (and who doesn’t?), it’s good to know that a high quality, cost effective HVAC system can provide the comfort you need on days when the heat isn’t helping.

HVAC inspires productivity.

Researches have demonstrated again and again that cooler employees are busier, more effective, and more relaxed than overheated ones. In fact, a recent study in Japan indicated the strong correlation between workplace productivity and a term scientists refer to as “thermal comfort satisfaction.” In this research, unpleasant work conditions were linked to minor cognitive impairment and workers making more frequent mistakes. The takeaway? While a business depends on many factors to succeed, a good HVAC system is one of the absolute basics behind creating a work environment where people strive, rather than flounder.

We’ll save the facts about the commitment to green energy, reclaiming and reusing harmful chemicals as opposed to manufacturing new ones, and other ways the heating and air conditioning is helping our communities for another blog. But given the statistics on the impact of heat on human health and functioning, we wish everyone could have a great HVAC system.

For now, Air-Tro is just focusing on Southern California, one household or business at a time. Get in touch, and let us keep you comfortable.