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Air-Tro Can Help You Beat the Cold Weather, Before It Begins

Check Your Heating System Before the Temps Cool

Heating, Heat Pumps
Mull over your wine, not whether your heating system is working.

As hard as it is to believe during the dog days of summer (or a California fall), things can get pretty chilly around the holidays here in the San Gabriel Valley. And frankly, Air-Tro gets pretty busy when that thermostat dips and our customers realize the heating system they counted on last year is no longer working properly.

Leave the HVAC Inspection to Us; You Focus On the Snacks

With the holidays fast approaching, avoid hassle of surprise repairs and unexpected heating bills from a faulty HVAC system. Whether you maintain a commercial building or are simply expecting your fussy mother in law who’s prone to a chill for the holidays, let Air-Tro inspect your unit and head off any problems well ahead of the coldest days of the year. While it’s easy to become complacent during the summer months, a cost efficient, well maintained heating system will save you time and money you can spend on bonuses, presents…or some peppermint lattes instead.

Be Aware of the Hidden Dangers of Gas as a Heating Fuel

Most of Southern California relies upon natural gas as a clean, efficient fuel. Because of that, we’re often spoiled into thinking low energy prices are the only possible consequences of its use. However, natural gas as a fuel presents some problems that electricity doesn’t have. Extremely combustible, gas represents a significant fire hazard if your heating system isn’t vented properly outside, or kept in good condition. Furthermore, products of natural gas can be dangerous. Even a leaky duct system can present severe health risks. Carbon monoxide can kill. In a commercial space or warehouse, forklifts or trucks left idling while loading and unloading can pull this colorless and odorless gas from your warehouse directly into your offices-with unpleasant consequences.

When is the last time you’ve had your heating systems inspected? Have you checked your heat exchangers for soundness, or the venting on the combustion systems? Is the gas pressure to the heater within manufacturer limits, or could it be overfiring, resulting in a potential flame hazard?

Enjoy Cost Savings and Peace of Mind

Worry about the temperature of your turkey, not that of your home or office.  Be concerned about the dangers of an expanding waistline, rather than the potential health risks stemming from a poorly maintained heating system. Call Air-Tro today to ensure your HVAC is running at peak performance levels, and your heating pumps are cleaned and tuned. You’ll save money, and you, your family and your staff can concentrate on the things that really matter during this holiday season.


Air-Tro provides cost effective maintenance services and repairs to any heating or cooling system. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, get in touch to have us handle all your HVAC needs. Call us at (626)357-3535!