HVAC Maintenance : More Money for You, Less for So Cal Edison

Simple Tips for Saving Electricity…and Your Wallet

energy saving, heating
A well maintained heating system can save you serious cash.

There’s a lot of talk during the spring and summer months about how to save electricity, but the chorus of suggestions always seems to fade by this point in the year. Sure, we should all turn down the thermostat. Who doesn’t look good in a sweater? And yes, conserving energy also helps the environment, especially by decreasing power plant emissions. Most power plants use coal, crude oil or similar fossil fuels, which result in harmful byproducts like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide being released into our already polluted atmosphere.

But science and cardigans aside-the biggest reason you should be saving electricity at home this winter is that it translates into a simple rubric: more cash for you, and less cash in the pockets of your energy providers. Around the holidays, who doesn’t need the money?

You don’t have to get crazy to save electricity. These simple tips are easy to do, but they garner big results when it comes to your energy bills.

#1. Fill up your dishwasher.

Did you know that your dishwasher is more effective at cleaning and killing dangerous bacteria than hand-washing your dishes? In fact, most machines no longer require that you even rinse your dishes before loading. Improved water filtration, more effective jets and new soil sensors make the difference. And running your dishwasher less frequently, but with more dishes per wash, is a great way to cut down on electricity (and water) usage while keeping your kitchen safe and clean for your family.

heating, ductwork
Only running full loads in the dishwasher saves energy.

#2. Clean the condenser coil on your refrigerator.

This is a simple chore, but one that can save you money every month-as well as provide you with better refrigeration too. Did you know that even models with a “self cleaning coil” can use a good brush off from time to time? Pet hair, dust and other debris can all build up, reducing the compressor’s ability to keep the unit running at peak efficiency.

#3. Turn down your thermostat.

Yes, everyone wants to be toasty, but did you know that studies show that people are happier and more productive when the ambient temperature is slightly lower? We’re not telling you to turn it off, or force everyone to wear ski pants, but just turning down your thermostat by two degrees has been demonstrated to reduce your energy bill by more than $180 a year.

#4. Maintain your HVAC system.

This is where Air-Tro comes in, and also where you can save potentially thousands of dollars a year by making sure your heating system is serviced appropriately. For example, simply changing out the air filters every few months means you avoid forcing your system to work harder to provide the same amount of warmth throughout your home. Installing a programmable thermostat ensures you won’t waste money keeping rooms warm when you’re not there to enjoy them. And having our experienced technicians seal off your heating and air conditioning ducts can improve your energy efficiency by up to 20%. That means real savings, and more real money in your pocket, every single month.

Have questions? Call us today to talk about more ways you can cut costs. We’ll help you boost energy efficiency without compromising your budget. With Air-Tro, we make it easy to get comfortable!