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Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems and What to Do About Them

Some HVAC Issues Are Easy Fixes, Others Not So Much

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These days in Southern California, weather extremes seem par for the course. But whatever the season, indoor comfort is always at a premium, not just for your employees, but for your clients too. Research has conclusively tied office productivity and even customer satisfaction to a pleasant indoor environment, so if you’ve got a problem with your HVAC, you’ve definitely got a problem.

However, certain commercial HVAC issues are more common than others. Here’s a quick list of some of the more frequent situations that come up, and how to address them!

Weird noises during operation

This isn’t necessarily as serious as it may sound. Before calling your licensed HVAC professionals, check for partially opened access panels, and shaky components first. Something may be obstructing the condenser, cluttering a duct or simply leaned up against part of the system, causing noise. Did we mention the story about a customer’s young son who dropped a toy car into an air vent?

Funny HVAC smells

We know we don’t need to remind you that sick building syndrome is a thing, and left ignored, could result in serious health problems for anyone spending time in an unclean building. If you see water pooling anywhere, or notice excessive humidity, it’s time to give your HVAC professionals a call as soon as possible. However, if it’s simply that the air doesn’t smell as fresh, or seems in fact slightly dusty, it may be time to change your air filters. This can be done easily and inexpensively, once you’re sure of the right type and model number.

HVAC system doesn’t appear to cool

This can be frustrating, especially when it’s hot out. First, check to make sure your air vents are unobstructed. Many times furniture or boxes can be inadvertently blocking air flow, preventing the system from cooling or heating effectively. Next, consider your refrigerant. All HVAC requires refrigerant to work correctly. Even a small leak can result in lowered air conditioner performance. A simple refill may be all that is required to enhance your system and enjoy peak HVAC functioning once again.

Thermostat issues

Don’t panic if your HVAC stops working entirely. It could very well be your thermostat. These problems are all too common, but luckily, most of these issues can be solved by simple battery replacement. Other times, the thermostat itself will need to be replaced. Ask your HVAC professional for advice.

Sudden jumps in utility bills

When it comes to energy costs, no one likes surprises. If you’ve noticed unusually high bills lately, it’s time to get serious about your utility usage. Are employees leaving doors or windows open? Worse, is there a larger malfunction in your HVAC system, resulting in more frequent operation or stress on the system? Now may be the time for a total energy audit, which will also provide a useful analysis of your utility usage over time.

Don’t risk bigger issues with your system by ignoring the warning signs along the way. But a little detective work may be all that’s standing in the way of your total indoor comfort.

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