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Landlords Take Note: High Performance Commercial HVAC Now Mission Critical for Seasonal Weather Extremes

Preventative System Maintenance Essential for Keeping Tenants Happy and Healthy

Commercial HVAC, service and maintenance

Temps in the San Gabriel Valley can be brutal almost any time of the year. For quality renters with their pick of high-end properties, indoor comfort is more than just a perk; it’s mandatory. If you’re not up to date on the ins and outs of the HVAC system installed in your new rental home, office or commercial building, consider yourself one step away from disaster should anything go wrong.

Luckily, you’re reading this blog, so you’re probably going to be okay. Follow the suggestions below and you’ll ensure repeat leases and a steady pipeline of potential tenants seeking out a property just like yours.

First, if there’s an outdoor condenser, make sure it is free of leaves, branches, or other litter. It’s essential this component remains unobstructed and out of the way of other rooftop equipment or outdoor clutter. Remember, restricted airflow around your condenser will translate into less cool air going into your commercial building or rental home. It also puts more strain on the system, risking later, expensive breakdowns.

Start up a schedule of regular air filter changes. Swapping them out every three months is a general rule for forced-air equipment that encompasses both heating and air conditioning components. What kind of filter to get? It should be listed in the installation manual. Alternately, visit your system’s manufacturer online for more information.

Once you’ve taken care of these aspects of an initial inspection, it’s time call the experts in for further review. A qualified, professional HVAC technician will take extra care to clean all coils from dirt, debris and buildup that can in time damage or destroy your equipment. The tech should also inspect all mechanical parts, check electrical fittings, and if you have an economizer (a common HVAC add-on in California commercial buildings), run tests to see if it’s working correctly.  As you might expect, poorly installed or maintained HVAC can have expensive, unpleasant effects later. Along with system breakdowns, air quality can suffer, creating bad smells, mold, or even worse. And in this era of heightened environmental awareness, landlords simply cannot risk tenant conflicts by compromising indoor air quality. News travels fast among renters in any commercial building or residential property. The specter of unhealthy air can quickly become a legal problem as well as a deterrent to tenancy.

Your HVAC professional will examine refrigerant levels, drain lines, hoses and connectors too. With regular attention to even the smallest elements of your commercial system, you’ll avoid expensive complications, save energy and keep your utility costs low. We know commercial business owners; property managers and landlords have plenty to think about in operating their business. That’s why consistent HVAC maintenance is a cornerstone to your success.

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