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Humidity Control for your Commercial Building: What San Gabriel Valley Business Owners Need to Know

Air-Tro Can Help Address Your System Needs

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Whether you require cold storage areas within your commercial space, you manufacture certain textiles or paper products, or even do some woodworking as a part of your San Gabriel Valley business, you know that reliable humidity control is a mission critical facet of your overall HVAC system. Choosing the right one, however, can be a challenge.

From Rialto to Los Angeles, Everybody Needs Humidity Control

Whether or not your business requires you to maintain appropriate refrigeration or manufacturing standards, did you know that keeping your building dry could require more than 30% of your HVAC’s cooling energy? Breaking that into a percentage of your utility bill outlay, that’s a lot. Understanding and selecting the right system is therefore extremely important.

When it comes to basic dehumidifying, certain types of equipment can be incorporated directly into an existing HVAC system and modulated by the same control panel. Stand-alone products also exist and are preferable under certain conditions. In general, humidity control products work in two ways.

Cooling: Some dehumidifiers eliminate moisture by cooling it, much like refrigerators do.

Absorptive: Other humidity control equipment removes moisture using the process of absorption, or even adsorption (not a typo: this technique is defined as a process in which a solid converts liquid or gas molecules into a thin film.).

Dehumidifying Systems: Questions to Ask About

As you might imagine, determining the best humidity control techniques for your commercial building and business needs also depends on multiple factors. Your Air-Tro consultant will consider what kind of compressor you have, and whether its cooling capacity can match cooling load requirements effectively. Proper capacity modulation is extremely important.

Furthermore, does your existing HVAC equipment allow for integration with a dehumidification system, or is a third party, add-on product your only option? The latter can require additional installation time, cost and later, troubleshooting to ensure smooth operation. Finally, you’ll want a straightforward control panel.  Simple parts and less complicated operation translate into fewer hassles, and lower maintenance costs down the line.

With careful planning by an HVAC specialist with seasoned expertise, dehumidifying equipment can be part of a sensible, cost effective HVAC system for any commercial building or business. However, it’s not something you want to leave to a handyman, operations manager or even the building’s architect or general contractor.

Make no mistake: even for office workers, having a pleasant, relatively dry and odorless work environment is always preferred. In fact, nothing detracts more from any commercial building than a musty smell or dampness. Mold and bacteria thrive within this kind of environment, affecting people, products and equipment negatively across the board.

Consider your options, and move ahead only with the right dehumidifying system for your space.

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