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Your HVAC Service Checks: Get Them Regularly, Or Pay Later

Do Your Wallet a Favor, and Schedule an Inspection Today!

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Saving money and creating a sensible operating budget have never been more important for today’s commercial real estate owners. Who wants to pay for equipment repairs or worse, replacements when you don’t have to? When it comes to your heating and air conditioning, preventative maintenance and HVAC service checks are crucial to system upkeep and functioning. In fact, these visits from a licensed and trained technician will help you not only avoid costly repairs, but also extend the life of your equipment well into the future. And why not get the most out of the investment you’ve made in your commercial property’s furnace and air conditioner?

If the central HVAC system for your commercial building is responsible for both heating and cooling, you should schedule service checks every six months, preferably in the spring and fall, before the start of the cooling and heating seasons respectively. Cooling-only systems should be checked annually in the spring, and heating-only systems should be checked annually in the autumn.

Here’s what you can expect from a professional technician during these HVAC service checks:

  • A thorough inspection of all mechanical and working parts of both your furnace and your air conditioner, including the indoor and outdoor units
  • Checks of lubricants and fluid levels, which will be adjusted as needed
  • Inspection of the thermostat to ensure precision control and proper operation
  • A check for leaks and an inspection of all controls and electrical connections
  • Cleaning or replacement of the furnace filters and air filters

Your courteous technician will also start up both your furnace and your air conditioner to check for unusual noises and to ensure that there are no unusual odors or emissions. During this procedure, the technician will also be checking internal temperatures, pressure levels, air distribution and vents to be sure everything is working as it should be.

We can’t emphasize enough how many service calls we see that could have been avoided with a consistent commercial heating and air conditioning maintenance plan. Don’t make that mistake. Call today to schedule your next HVAC service check appointment.

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