Electronic Air Cleaners: When Particulate Matter is of Particular Importance

HVAC Game Changers for Health and Safety

Electronic Air Cleaner
Did you know that electronic air cleaners can stop even more pollutants than a typical air filter from entering your indoor air?

Here in the San Gabriel Valley, air quality varies enough that phrases like “particulate matter” are terms you ought to know, along with “gee, there’s a SigAlert” and “what’s the SPF?” The truth is that particulate matter can affect indoor air quality, as it includes all kinds of nasty irritants like dust, mold, pollen, dander and plain, old fashioned smoke and petroleum products. Luckily, when you run an electronic air cleaner in your home, you can significantly improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe day in and day out. Furthermore, with heightened concern over health and safety, these electronic air cleaners (also known as EACs) have never been more relevant.

How Do They Work?

Keith Hill, a Minnesota HVAC expert (do they even have dirty air in Minnesota? ), explains it this way: “EACs use electricity to generate a static charge in the airstream as it enters the filter. Any particles in the air, regardless of size, become positively charged. As they near the collector side of the air cleaner, which is negatively charged, the particles move to the collector and cling just like blond pet hair on black slacks.”

In other words, with super-charged efficiency, these air cleaners collect all kinds of particulate matter before they are re-circulated into the air flowing through your home.

What Type of EAC Is Right for My Home?

The two most common types of electronic air cleaners are widely available. Electronic polarized media cleaners charge the particles from the air that enter them. Those particles collect on internal fiberglass pads. Some of these electronic polarized media cleaners also have carbon filters available; these help trap odors in the air as well as chemicals produced from off-gassing.

Electronic precipitator cleaners are similar to polarized ones, except the collection surface is a metal plate that needs to be cleaned off periodically in order for the unit to work efficiently. Clean air is passed back into the home, but often these units pass a bit of ozone back into the indoor air as well.

When either type of equipment is combined with ultraviolet light technology, these electronic air cleaners can not only remove particulate matter but kill bacteria and viruses that otherwise would remain in your home. It’s a game changer …and many homeowners have taken note.

Clean indoor air is more than just nice to breathe: Removing this junk from your indoor air also keeps you healthier. Call your Air-Tro specialist today to find out more about whether an electronic air cleaner is right for your home and family. And watch for Sig Alerts!

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