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Tips for Increasing Your Commercial HVAC Efficiency

Learn the “Best Practices” That Make a Difference

Commercial HVAC

The big secret? Commercial HVAC efficiency isn’t complicated. However, the “best practices” behind keeping these systems running smoothly are often ignored until it’s too late, resulting in a system breakdown or expensive repair. Here are some tips you can put into play right now to avoid unexpected and costly budget overruns down the road.

Seal Commercial HVAC Ductwork the Right Way

Did you know that studies show commercial property owners can save up to 20% or more in energy costs simply by fixing the ductwork in their building? Most heating and cooling duct seals decay over time, exposing cracks and breaking joints open. This results in a lot of air escaping behind the walls, into storage spaces or attics and basements, instead of going where you want it: into the offices and work areas you’re paying to keep comfortable. Critters from the outside can also make their homes in ductwork, causing further damage.

Have your ductwork inspected to ensure everything is properly insulated and sealed up tightly throughout your building.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Remember, a clogged air filter can result in more than a 10% increase to energy costs by forcing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a baseline air circulation level. Indoor comfort also suffers the longer a filter goes unchanged. With today’s heightened safety awareness and concern for healthy air quality, why expose yourself, your employees or your tenants to the risks that come along with dirty indoor air? Change your filters every three months or less.

Update Your Thermostats

One of the best ways to save when it comes to commercial HVAC systems is by updating your thermostats to programmable models. You’ll avoid wasting money heating or cooling your building when it’s unoccupied, and also keep your system from having to power up or power down unnecessarily, a process that wears out your equipment quickly over time.

Programmable thermostats are offered at all price points, and easy to install. Discuss your options with an HVAC professional.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

You wouldn’t let your car go too many miles without an oil change. Why should your commercial HVAC system be any different? It’s also a good way to assess your current energy usage and implement long-term strategies to keep utility costs low. Create a regular maintenance schedule with a qualified technician to troubleshoot existing problems, protect your existing equipment and prevent expensive breakdowns later on.

Don’t wait until your commercial HVAC system stops working to address energy efficiency.  And the good news? By getting ahead of these issues now, you’ll also lower utility costs by improving overall HVAC performance. That’s money in your pocket, and indoor comfort you can count on.


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