Get Your Air Conditioning Ready for Summer!

Easy HVAC Maintenance Now Saves You Headaches Later

Air Conditioning, HVAC

With warm days ahead, it’s time to get your air conditioning ready for reliable indoor comfort all summer long. Here’s a brief checklist to run through before you head to the pool!

Change your furnace or air handler filters.

Pet dander, smog, and pollen can all clog up the system, forcing your HVAC to work harder and lowering indoor air quality over time. Luckily, these filters are simple to change and available almost everywhere. Make a habit of changing them at least every 3 months, if not more frequently.

Inspect your condenser.

Now is the time to check around your outdoor unit for signs of wear and tear, dents and debris. The equipment and the area around it should be free of any leaf litter or garbage, and have no signs of rodent infestation inside. This is the workhorse of your HVAC system, so make it a priority to keep it clean.

Test your thermostat.

You’d be surprised how many calls we get from panicked homeowners telling us “the HVAC is broken!” when it’s only the battery that’s out on the thermostat.  When is the last time you changed yours? Also, if your unit only allows you to switch from “hot” to “cold,” it may be time to consider swapping it out for an inexpensive new smart model.

These smart thermostats save money and energy by helping you to better monitor temperature 24/7. You can avoid paying to excessively cool your home when you’re not around to enjoy it, and keep things comfortable when you are. Even a few degrees difference during the day can save you big bucks in utility costs, and a smart thermostat makes it easy to plan and contain energy usage without sacrificing comfort.

Maintain “Best Practices” for Long Term HVAC Use.

Did you know starting and stopping your HVAC system puts a lot of stress on the equipment? It’s much better to simply adjust your thermostat a few degrees warmer for when no one is home, and then adjust the temp when you return. Your system has to work harder and uses far more energy overall when you turn the HVAC off completely for a few hours, and then turn the system on again to cool everything down when it’s sweltering.

Also, consider shutting curtains when you’re not home on the hottest days of summer. Seal up leaks in ductwork and eliminate drafts so that precious cool air from the conditioner is not dissipating where it shouldn’t.

A little upkeep now will yield greater energy efficiency for your system and lower energy bills too. It’s been a crazy year, and we’re all looking forward to a beautiful summertime here in the Southland. Let’s all stay cool and comfortable!


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