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Six Simple Things You Can Do To Minimize Problems And Maximize HVAC Efficiency

You Can Make a Difference in Your Utility Costs!

HVAC efficiency

It’s a fact: your operating costs for a commercial building largely revolve around what you spend for heating and cooling. But did you know that the Department of Energy estimates that most businesses could save up to 30% in energy expenses with more efficient fixes and upgrades? Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your system while saving money in the process.

Routinely Change Your Air Filters

We’ve discussed the importance of changing out residential air filters in this blog, but you’ll save up to 10% in energy expenditures for your commercial building simply by making it a regular habit there too. Over time, dust, smoke, pollen and other pollutants form a thick barrier inside a filter, preventing air from passing through easily. As you might imagine, these dirty filters translate into poor ventilation and higher energy bills. Replacing them every three months or more is a quick fix to boost HVAC efficiency and one that promotes healthier air for everyone.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

As they do in your home, this type of thermostat gives you far more control over how you use energy to heat and cool your commercial building, even when you’re not there to supervise in person. Often accessible by phone or laptop, these thermostats reduce waste, prevent you from heating or cooling rooms no one is using, and provide flexible HVAC efficiency as well as cost savings. It’s indoor comfort the easy way!

Seal Your Air Ducts 

Leaky air ducts can mean up to 20% conditioned air loss before it even reaches areas where people are working or living in your commercial building. Schedule regular inspections to ensure they’re all sealed appropriately with duct mastic, blown-in sealant or tape.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance 

Regular scheduled inspections and maintenance from a qualified professional is the most important thing you can do to get the most from your commercial heating and cooling equipment.  Don’t take a chance on letting a minor problem turn into an expensive fix. Check your equipment and perform necessary repairs and upgrades when needed for best results.

HVAC efficiency plays an essential part in the value of your commercial property. Take care of your system, and you and your tenants will enjoy years of indoor comfort.

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