Changing Lives with The People Concern

The People Concern Volunteers

In 2020, Air-Tro was proud to assist and support the initiatives of The People Concern, an organization whose mission is to empower the most vulnerable among us  and to improve their quality of life.

Air-Tro donated to their Cloverfield Services Center in Santa Monica (3) Blue Tube XL Commercial Bulbs, (1) Purifier System, and (1) Transformer. This donation directly impacted the health and comfort of all program participants at Cloverfield.

uv for covid airCOVID-19, like influenza and many other infectious diseases, is spread by aerosol.

UVC lamps have been used for decades to disinfect the air in surgical rooms, and today the technology is readily available and easily affordable. As air from the building is drawn over the UVC lamps, the rays break up the RNA of the virus, degrading its ability to infect.

The People Concern empowers the most vulnerable among us to rebuild their lives. One of Los Angeles County’s largest social services agencies, The People Concern, was formed in 2016 in a merger of two trusted social service organizations based in Los Angeles County, OPCC, and Lamp Community.

Informed by more than fifty years of work in the community, The People Concern is a leading provider of, and advocates for, evidence-based solutions to the multi-faceted challenges inherent in homelessness and domestic violence.

Air-Tro is proud to support those making a difference in our local community. You may also support their cause here.


The People Concern