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Programmable Thermostats Put You in Charge of Your HVAC Bills

Change Your Ambient Indoor Temps, Change Your Life (or At Least Save Money!)

Programmable Thermostat
You can control your programmable thermostat from your laptop, phone or tablet.

Everybody loves to “fix it and forget it,” but when it comes to heating and cooling your business or commercial property, take a little time to plan ahead. Using a programmable thermostat for your building could be the solution to your high energy bills. Furthermore, a programmable thermostat will also allow you greater customization of the indoor environment for your tenants and staff, keeping them happier while controlling energy usage far more effectively than before.

If you have an older HVAC system, you may just be using the manual thermostat that came with the equipment. This only functions as a simple on/off switch. When the temperature gets below or above a certain level, it turns on the system. What it doesn’t do, however, is parse out when and if you even need the power at that time.  If it’s colder than moose ears early on a Saturday, an old fashioned thermostat will turn on anyway, keeping your building warm for exactly no reason. It’s the same when the manual thermostat triggers the air conditioning on a holiday weekend. And yet unless you remembered to turn the system off entirely before you left, you’re still paying for what you’re not using.

A programmable thermostat–also known as a “SmartThermostat”– is different. How so, you ask?

#1. You can factor in time of day, calendar date, and more into your energy schedule. You can also vary indoor temperature to adjust for your schedule and your building’s traffic patterns. For example, on a freezing cold Monday morning, the heat can already be on and warming up the building before your first workers arrive. And when everyone clocks out on a Friday evening, the system can adjust for lower indoor temps throughout the night.

#2. A SmartThermostat is as close as your phone, laptop or tablet to operate. Need to readjust the temperature and you’re on vacation? No problem. Simply access the app to see an easy dashboard showing you exactly what’s been going on, temperature-wise. You can make any necessary changes from your lounge chair by the pool, without calling into the office.

This can also be helpful in some situations where employees might turn the system up or down when you aren’t there to stop it. With a SmartThermostat, you can lock temperature control in from where you are, preventing these kinds of awkward management problems.

#3. Get a handle on your monthly energy spend. A SmartThermostat is recording data all the time. You can know with the touch of a button exactly how much energy you’ve used within your building this week, last month, or every Tuesday since you’ve purchased the device. It’s up to you. Why does this information matter?  You can get a precise understanding of when you run up your utility bill, and when you don’t. You’ll also see opportunities for saving energy, the easy way: through better management of your indoor climate choices when there are few to no people around to even note the difference.

The best news? Programmable thermostats are widely available and offered with multiple price points, and features. Get in touch today with your heating and air conditioning professional to find out more.


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