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Add Value to Your Home Through Prudent Residential HVAC Upgrades

Manage Return on Investment with High Performance, Energy Saving Equipment

Residential HVAC

In the San Gabriel Valley, temperatures can vary widely throughout the year. This week’s cold snap is quickly replaced by next week’s record-breaking heat. Given these environmental conditions, today’s Los Angeles homebuyers expect heating and air conditioning. And reports from local realtors note that folks don’t want just any old system, but rather residential HVAC that will save energy while delivering maximum performance. Budget-wise, however, it’s important for anyone considering HVAC upgrades to improve their home’s resale value to ask themselves a few questions first.

How old is your existing system?

Anything over 10 years old may be chugging along well enough, but the reality is that heating and air conditioning close to 15 years old will probably need to be replaced, and soon. Furthermore, recent tech advances in the HVAC industry mean that newer systems save far more energy than older ones. Today’s residential HVAC does more and cost less to run.

Replacing old equipment with a newer, energy efficient system can definitely make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Indeed, according to energy.gov, homes with energy efficient HVAC see a sales price up to 7% higher than others in their category. And if you decide not to move, you’ll enjoy lower utility bills and greater indoor comfort right away.

Are there minor upgrades you can make instead to achieve the same goals?

If your system isn’t too old, ask yourself  (and hopefully one of Air-Tro’s heating and air conditioning experts) if there are smaller fixes you can make instead of buying a whole new system. For example, can you improve your insulation? Fiberglass insulation is extremely inexpensive. Adding some to insulate your walls more effectively translates into greater energy efficiency and lower utility costs without much effort.  Upgrading windows, improving weather stripping and repairing cracks or gaps in doorframes are also great ways to save energy and get better results from your existing residential HVAC system.

What’s happening with your furnace?

If yours is older than 10 years, it’s probably costing you more than necessary. A brand new, energy efficient furnace or boiler adds immediate value to your home without a huge investment. You’ll also enjoy lower operating costs right away, too.

Upgrading your thermostat or even replacing an air filter translates into greater energy efficiency and indoor comfort, while keeping costs low.

The bottom line? Do your homework.  Whether you replace your whole system or repair what you already have, residential HVAC in top condition will deliver in terms of lower utility costs and greater energy efficiency: two features that always add value, for now and in the years to come.

Have questions about ways to make your HVAC more efficient?

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