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Commercial HVAC Memes Don’t Make Themselves

But We Occasionally Find Them on the Internet for You

Who else is tired of reading the news? Whether it’s murder hornets or masks, poor outdoor air quality  or the Kardashians cancelling their reality show, lately it feels like there’s nothing we like looking at online but silly pictures. It certainly lowers our stress levels, anyway. And as inconsequential as they are, the popular ones give us a window into the everyday HVAC issues people are confronting in their offices and workspaces. Because no matter what the events of the day, why endure them in an environment that’s less than comfortable? After all, commercial HVAC isn’t a luxury. It’s a key to greater productivity, enhanced good health and a positive experience for your customers or tenants.

So let’s take a look at the most recent batch of memes!

Forget the Fan, HVAC Is the Solution


This one seems fairly self-explanatory. But can you imagine being in a world where HVAC didn’t exist? In the United States alone, the introduction of commercial heating and cooling for everyday consumers was instrumental in facilitating business growth. States where industry had previously shut down during the summer months could now provide more comfortable environments for their workers, year round. While the San Gabriel Valley still gets hot, a high quality HVAC system should give you optimal indoor comfort, twenty four hours a day. Not always? Have one of our trained HVAC experts come take a look at your equipment to troubleshoot.


A Thermostat Truce Everyone Can Agree On


Getting a whole office to agree on the most comfortable office temperature is sometimes daunting. Research has shown that men and women experience temperature differently. However, there are solutions, including ductless mini splits. Read more about them in our free white paper on Ending the Thermostat Wars.


Indoor Comfort Doesn’t Have to Be a Mystery

Indoor Comfort

Do you find yourself turning on and off your HVAC system to find the perfect temperature? Don’t! Turning on and off your system manually puts a strain on your equipment, forcing it to start up and shut down. This also wastes a great deal of energy, as indoor temperatures rise and fall far more dramatically.  Rather than turn off your system altogether when you leave, simply raise the thermostat by several degrees. Your equipment won’t have to work as hard to cool everything down when you return.


Save Money by Saving Energy

Save Energy

We love this guy’s Twitter account, and he’s right about this. Wasting energy costs money. When your HVAC system isn’t functioning well,  it’s also using far more electricity to run than it needs to. Even simple habits like changing your air filter more frequently, or turning up the thermostat rather than turning it completely off when you leave the building can make a huge difference.





Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to indoor comfort. Get in touch today with one of our experts to discuss ways we can help you get maximum indoor comfort from your equipment every day of the year, no matter what the headlines!


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