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Proactive Fall Maintenance Tips for Commercial HVAC Systems

Seasonal Preventative Service Ensures Maximum Performance

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With so much to do before the end of the year, proactive fall maintenance for commercial HVAC systems probably doesn’t feel like that much of a priority. But what if we told you this is the number one way to save money on your heating and air conditioning, not just now but for the next year too? Take care of heating and air conditioning equipment by addressing small problems before they become big ones. This will keep your utility bills low, and  stave off costly repairs months, even years down the line. Take a look below at some of the most important things you can do now to keep things working smoothly throughout the fall, winter and spring.

Outside: inspect the three “c”s: coils, cabinet and compressor.

As winter approaches (and again before summer), have a certified commercial HVAC technician or operations supervisor take a look at outside components.  Winds, vermin and even completion of other maintenance tasks nearby can leave this equipment littered with debris that can create problems down the line. Inspect and clean all equipment. Assess the fan motor and verify that the blades are clean and operating unimpeded. Check the control box and any electrical elements for compromised or faulty wiring. Ensure level of refrigerant is stable, and replace if needed. Commercial HVAC systems depend on these elements to run properly. If one part is broken or “on the fritz,” other areas of the system will be stressed unnecessarily to compensate for the breakdown.

Inside: check the three “b”s: blowers, belts and burner assembly.

Again, this is usually nothing more than careful inspection and basic maintenance if necessary. Just a little upkeep goes a long way, though, in that it will keep your commercial system saving energy and running smoothly throughout the season. Have an HVAC specialist take look at your blower assembly and burner for signs of wear and tear, cleaning as needed. Lubricate belts and assess their condition. Check drip pans and overall system drainage for sign of leaks and improper moisture accumulation that can lead to bad smells, mildew or worse.  Finally, examine all ductwork, as well as the flue system, heat exchanger and combustion blower housing  to clean and maintain as needed.

Don’t forget the air filter!

We probably don’t need to remind any commercial real estate owner in the Southland to check their building’s air filters. With fire season smoke and summer smog, these simple elements of your commercial HVAC system can get dirty very quickly. Luckily, air filters are usually quite inexpensive, and clean, fresh filters ensure your indoor air is free from the pollutants that render even the best heating and air conditioning system less effective, whatever the season.

These are all small tasks for your heating and air conditioning service professional. However, they will pay off with a commercial HVAC system that works at peak efficiency, saving you money throughout the year. In a crazy business environment, this kind of regular, preventative service leaves you with one less thing to worry about. And who among us doesn’t need that kind of peace of mind?

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