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Use UV Lights to Purify and Sanitize the Air in Your Home

Your Secret Weapon Against Bacteria, Pollutants and Viruses

UV lights

Much has been discussed about the commercial uses of UV lights in commercial HVAC lately. Used for a long time in hospitals and other settings where a safe, sanitary environment is necessary, ordinary commercial property owners are beginning to take notice of how effectively UV can destroy any undesirable “ride-alongs” that normally circulate throughout our indoor air. However, did you know that UV light can also be used in residential settings as well?

In the past, UV light has been seen by homeowners as a way to significantly reduce allergens. Asthma sufferers and those with significant respiratory concerns have embraced UV light upgrades to their heating and air conditioning equipment to eliminate pet dander, pollen, smoke, and other potential allergens that can exacerbate breathing problems for the medically sensitive. However, in light of today’s concerns about virus transmission in the news, it may be time to consider this option for your home too.

First, any discussion of UV must be accompanied by this disclaimer: UV cannot eliminate viruses, bacteria or other irritants from your clothes, your hands, or your nose. In other words, if you go to the supermarket and get sneezed on by Susan the Super Spreader, no amount of UV short of a full body treatment in the front doorway of your home will eliminate these contaminants from your clothes or prevent you from spreading them to others with a hug, or a handshake, or sharing a drinking glass.  Furthermore, unless you’re holding some kind of UV wand inside your nose or mouth all the time (a practice we don’t recommend!), your body is still harboring all kinds of living organisms you may not want to share with family members or even distant acquaintances.

However, UV can stop you from breathing contaminated air, particularly the air that has been recirculating throughout your home.

How does it work?

First, most central air conditioning systems can be upgraded with what’s called a coil sanitizing light. These are common installed and left to shine directly on the coils of your AC system as single or double lamp models. These lights dry up all moisture that tends to accumulate there, killing all mold, bacteria and viruses before they can reach the air recirculating indoors. With UV, pathogens coming over the coils are eliminated before they reach you.

Air sanitizing lights are another option. These are typically placed in ductwork where they kill all airborne pathogens. Indeed, some models can be coordinated with the blower motor, so the lights turn on and off as your system does.

Both options go a long way towards eliminating the typical pathogens found inside your home: germs, viruses, even dander from your cat! Whether you suffer from annoying seasonal allergies or find yourself concerned about viruses and their transmission in your house, it’s worth a conversation with your HVAC professional to discuss your choices. Keeping your indoor air healthy is always our top priority.

Interested in how UV light technology might help you keep your home’s indoor air cleaner and safer? Call the HVAC experts at Air-Tro to find out more. (626) 357-3535.