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Two Common AC Problems You Can Do Something About

Save money by fixing the little issues… before they turn into big ones.



Here in Southern California, indoor comfort means having your air conditioning functioning at peak performance all of the time. Who wants to waste money on high energy bills and reduced cooling levels when it’s hot out? Recognizing these common air conditioning problems will help you get ahead of everyday service situations before your system breaks down entirely and turns an inexpensive fix into a costly replacement.

Symptom: the AC isn’t turning on at all.

We often get calls from panicked homeowners over this one. It’s certainly disconcerting to discover your system doesn’t seem to be working. Surely a costly HVAC replacement is the only solution. But first, take a deep breath. Then check the circuit breaker. Once it’s been tripped, it’s an easy fix to reset it. While it’s a hassle, it simply means that so much electricity was flowing through that the breaker system shut down to prevent circuits from overheating or causing damage.

If your circuit breaker isn’t tripped, then check your thermostat, as it may not be communicating with the rest of your HVAC system. It’s a common issue and one your service technician can fix.

Symptom: The AC isn’t cooling.

This is another common issue. First, check your air filter. When is the last time you changed it? You’d be amazed how dirty these things get over time, particularly if you have pets, live in an area where wildfire smoke has permeated the air or experience any other kind of environmental pollution (translation: basically everybody). Some people go so far as to change their filter every one to three months, but luckily, they’re easily purchased online and relatively inexpensive.

If this doesn’t help, take a look around your condenser outside. Is there debris around it? A runaway dog toy or Barbie doll stuck inside the unit can mess things up, along with errant branches or other yard debris left by an overenthusiastic gardener. Check to make sure it looks clean and clear.

If your AC still isn’t cooling, consider giving us a call. Again, it’s probably a simple fix, but may require some “insider know-how” on how your particular unit is built and its system requirements for optimal functioning.

In these times, it’s easy to panic when something as important as HVAC doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. But rest assured we’ve got your back here at Air-Tro. Whether it’s just some advice over the phone or scheduling a service visit, we’re happy to help. Give us a call today!

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