Variable Speed Motors: Harnessing the Power of Tesla Tech for Your HVAC System [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today, it’s all about energy efficiency, not just for the sake of preserving our environmental resources, but also in terms of saving you real money when it comes to indoor comfort. The fact is that the tried and true alternating current motor that powered HVAC systems from years past is no longer the best, nor the cheapest way to heat and cool your commercial building. While still ubiquitous around Southern California, they waste far more power than necessary as they run. Technology has improved. Your system can operate utilizing far less energy to do the same thing, only better. The variable speed motors that power today’s commercial HVAC systems offer greater flexibility, convenience and performance, while operating for a fraction of the price.

Skeptical? We don’t blame you. Plenty of “modern technology” comes with bells and whistles you might not need for a lifetime. But the VFD motor is different. Check out the infographic below.

VST infographic

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variable speed HVAC white paperLearn more about variable frequency motors and how they bring energy efficient, cost-lowering power to your heating and air conditioning system in our white paper “Tesla Tech and Variable Speed Motors.”

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