Check Out Our Moment in the HVAC Spotlight!

Air-Tro CEO Robert Helbing Talks HVAC, Morale and the Importance of Good Relationships for any Small Business with Nick Seth-Smith

quarantine filesOur friend Nick Seth-Smith is an accomplished photographer and business executive who has recently created a new series on YouTube called The Quarantine Files to address the issues posed by our changing business climate, and the new routines that we’ve all had to learn in 2020.

As a part of his show, we sat down together recently to discuss the impact of the recent quarantine and public safety restrictions on our community, as well as technologies within the HVAC industry that will become increasingly relevant to all commercial property owners in coming months.

We also talk about Air-Tro’s journey through this period, from the early days of the March quarantine, to our current role as an essential business for both residential and commercial customers.  Morale has been strong, and our commitment to safety has translated into new protocols for our technicians and our clients to provide peace of mind.

Furthermore, we also share our experience with the local food bank. In an effort to keep our employees working and doing good at the same time, we paid our staff to deliver much needed food and supplies to the needy using Air-Tro service vans during the transition period this spring. It was an incredible experience, giving our team hope for the future and comfort in knowing no matter what comes, we choose to be part of the solution, as people, and as a company.

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