HVAC Problems Hopefully You Don’t Have

It’s Silly Condenser Picture Day!

We follow numerous online HVAC forums, trading experiences about various air conditioner systems and parts, sharing advice on repairs and trading tips on complicated HVAC issues. But sometimes the best posts on these kinds of websites are the photos people share of disasters they encounter and the strange situations only an HVAC repairman might find amusing.

Here are just a few of our favorites, below:

We’ll start with this. If your HVAC rooftop equipment looks like pasta, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

Condenser, HVAC


All we can say is about the situation below is that our courteous service professionals always wear shirts.

Commercial HVAC, air filters


This seems unsafe. Whatever your HVAC situation, please don’t risk your life to inspect it. Call us instead!

HVAC service and repair


Pro tip: multiple condensers with extension cords may translate into higher utility bills.

air filters, repair and maintenance


Routine, unrelated maintenance can sometimes lead to ductwork leaks or damage. If you’re a commercial building owner, schedule an inspection today to ensure you’re getting maximum performance from your HVAC equipment.



Always change your filter. Or have us do it. We promise we’ll never leave it like this.



Pretty crazy, huh? Just remember that whatever your HVAC situation, at least none of these are happening to you. Hopefully. Call us immediately if they are!

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