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HVAC System Maintenance: Is It Time For Upkeep on Your Commercial Heating and Cooling Equipment?

Inspection and Maintenance Now Will Save You Headaches Later

HVAC System Maintenance

We get asked frequently if commercial HVAC really does need annual service. Is it just a lot of marketing hype or does your heating and cooling really require that kind of care? The answer is simple: “yes.” In fact, it’s “definitely yes.” Why?

Lots of Moving Parts Mean Lots of Wear and Tear

It starts with the nature of your equipment itself. HVAC is pretty complicated these days, with a lot of moving parts. Each of these parts has an important role to play. And when something small breaks down, it might not be apparent for awhile … but the consequences  can be major. Ultimately, if you’re interested in preserving the life of your commercial heating and air conditioning as long as possible (and who isn’t?), you’ll want to check all elements of your system, including the parts you don’t always see, to make sure every component is functioning correctly. A qualified technician will inspect the equipment, and troubleshoot, getting ahead of potential problems before they happen. This kind of service and upkeep will not only ensure your HVAC is working at peak performance, but also save you real money. You’ll get more energy savings (and lower utility bills), with fewer repair costs in the long term.

Regular Upkeep Promotes Indoor Air Quality

Another element of regular maintenance may include air duct cleaning, depending on your technician’s assessment. If you have humidity issues in your building or water leakage, you may also have mold in your ductwork. Critter infestations, recent indoor construction work or even a nearby wildfire can also leave excess dust, ash, animal debris and worse clinging to your HVAC equipment.

All these issues can in turn result in lower air quality, bad smells and permanent damage to your system. Your certified technician will take the time to examine your interior ductwork to inspect for these potential problems. Especially for commercial property owners, this kind of maintenance is a must. After all, your tenants, employees and colleagues depend on you for clean, comfortable indoor air.

Take Advantage of Energy Efficiency

Like a high quality air filter that becomes clogged over time, becoming less and less efficient at blocking noxious particles, your HVAC system overall will decline performance-wise if not maintained properly. It’s designed to save energy and keep you comfortable no matter what the weather outside, but the equipment can only do so if it’s functioning correctly. Regular maintenance will help you get more out of your existing system and prevent the need for new equipment long into the future, too.


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