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Water Pooling Around Your AC Unit? Call Air-Tro!

Oh, no! There is water pooling around our AC unit. Should we repair or replace?

Water pooling 2

Water leakage from your AC unit can be perfectly normal. However, a leaking AC could be a cause for concern that warrants a call to an expert air conditioning repair service company.

In this video, comfort consultant Jerren Guzman answers Mrs. Reynold’s question: Water pooling is all around our AC unit. Should we call for an air conditioner repair service or consider an AC replacement?

Water could be leaking around an AC unit for a couple of reasons. First, let’s take a look at how this could happen.

Air Conditioners and Condensation

When working normally, an air conditioner generates condensation. Did you know that inside the air conditioner is a device called a “condensate pump”? This pump removes moisture accumulation by collecting water and channeling it to a drain. Then, the drain line empties by the AC unit. Unfortunately, sometimes that drain line can become clogged. As a result, water removed from the AC unit deposits on the floor instead of going down the drain. That may be one reason why you see water pooling by your AC unit. Fortunately, the repair is to simply unclog the drain.

As we mentioned, the condensate pump removes moisture from the air conditioner. Naturally, if the pump is not working correctly, the condensation won’t go down the drain. Instead, it will just dribble out onto the floor. For these instances, the air conditioner repair service is to replace the condensate pump.

Your AC Unit Could Be Icing Up

Another reason there could be water leaking or pooling on the floor is that the unit is icing up. What causes an air conditioner to ice up? Simply put, there is an item in your AC unit called an evaporator coil. And to work as intended, it needs good airflow. When the airflow is restricted, the buildup of cold air can eventually cause ice to form on the coils. Then, when the ice melts, you get pools of water.

Most commonly, dirty air filters are the culprit of AC unit freeze-ups because it prevents unrestricted airflow around the evaporator coils. The air conditioner repair service is to replace the air filters.

Your Air Conditioner Could Be Overheating

If you see water leaking or pooling around your AC unit, it may indicate that your system is overheating. A common cause of overheating is that the refrigerant level is too low. As with the other two issues, low refrigerant can force the AC system to work harder, which results in overheating. Also, low refrigerant can cause frost over the coils.

Usually, low refrigerant occurs because of a leak in the line or the compressor. The air conditioner repair service will find the leak and fix it.

These air conditioner repairs are simple – for professionals

Since 1969, the Air-Tro professionals have proudly served the Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena, and the surrounding area. We offer full-service air conditioner repair services that can help you pinpoint your AC problem. No matter your problem with your cooling system, our skilled technicians can fix it fast and right the first time.

And if your system is beyond repair, we will help you find an excellent AC replacement and take care of the installation.

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