There is water pooling around our AC unit. Should I repair or replace?

Water leakage from your AC unit can be perfectly normal. However, there are certain circumstances when a leaking AC could be a cause for concern and warrant a service call.

In this video, comfort consultant Jerren Guzman answers a question from Mrs. Reynolds:

She is asking: There is water pooling all around our AC unit, repair or replace?

Well, we could have water around an AC unit for a couple of reasons. The furnace drain line empties out by the AC unit, so that could be a reason why there was water there. Another reason is the unit could be icing up, so when the ice melts, then you get water on the AC unit. But that could be because it’s low on refrigerant, which is repairable. We have to find that leak and repair it.

Water pooling around our AC

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