HVAC Funnies: 2021 Edition

From Dusty Ductwork to Filthy Filters, HVAC Professionals See It All

We come across photos and illustrations from time to time that make us smile. Here are a few recent ones that you might find amusing too. And stick to the toaster when it comes to heating up crackers! Crumbs in your vents are never a good idea.


Who doesn’t forget to change their air filter from time to time? It happens, but don’t let the years go by before you do. A family was breathing the air coming through this thing before this filter was changed out. Yuck!



Children are known for creativity, and we salute their ingenuity. In this case, documented by Redditor “yesyoucantouchthat,” it might have been a shade too much. Don’t put crackers in your vents, kids. It’s messy to get them out, and besides, they don’t toast well.


Air Conditioning

Summertime in Southern California means air conditioning is mission critical for any commercial building. Your tenants and employees depend on it. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance for your commercial air conditioning system before the weather gets too hot. You’ll not only prevent expensive problems and unnecessary breakdowns later on, but you’ll also be ensuring your system is operating at peak performance for the warmest days ahead.



Another benefit to scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is that your service technician is likely to find all the measuring spoons, plastic eggs, fire trucks and hair ties that have been tossed in your vents. We know every kid enjoys hiding things in strange places….but left in a condenser or your ductwork, these hidden treasures can have serious consequences when it comes to  HVAC equipment functioning properly.



Many older commercial buildings have older HVAC and other equipment that have long since outlived their usefulness. These outdated systems could be costing you a great deal in heating and air conditioning bills, not to mention risking health and safety. Discuss your options for cost effective HVAC upgrades to your commercial property with one of our highly trained service professionals. With added tax incentives and rebates available, there’s never been a better time to streamline your system.


He’s not an HVAC specialist, but he somehow made it into this photo assortment anyway. Doug the Dog says to remember your pets need indoor comfort too! With summer heat on the way, make sure your air conditioning is working at its best. Schedule your annual maintenance visit from Air-Tro today.


Summer is almost here! Ensure your air conditioning is working properly with a service visit from Air-Tro. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969. Call us today at (626)357-3535.