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Does Your Commercial Air Conditioning System Have the Summertime Blues?

Like Burned Hamburgers and Peeing in the Pool, Sometimes Repair Issues Happen.

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Summer has officially begun, and the temperatures are rising right on schedule. Don’t lose productivity or employee goodwill with an uncomfortable indoor environment. Here’s how to recognize some common commercial air conditioning problems, and what to do about it.

AC Systems That Blow Hot Air Only

Doesn’t everyone have a coworker who brags about all his or her latest accomplishments, all the time? From their under-par golf game to their kid’s latest academic success, all that hot air can be hard to take. Don’t add to your stress with an AC system that blows only warm air.

If your employees are telling you that the office feels hot, don’t assume it’s just Mr. Bragsalot expanding on Junior’s new mathematics championship title. If hot air is coming from your ventilation system, it could mean serious problems with your evaporator coil. Don’t let this one go. Let a certified HVAC technician check it out immediately, to prevent incurring expensive damage to the compressor or further issues with the coil.

Some Rooms Are Hot, Some Rooms Are Cold

Does your office provide a “trip around the world” when it comes to your HVAC system? Don’t let everybody sweat in the conference room like it’s a summertime afternoon in Panama, and then have to cover up like it’s winter in Lillehammer once they get back to their private offices.

Temperature problems like these could mean you an issue with airflow consistency. Frequently, these variations are caused by damaged or leaking ductwork. With your system working so hard while wasting so much cooler air, your energy bills may also be higher than they need to be. Identifying the source of the leaks will save you money and keep everyone in the same part of the country, at least when it comes to indoor comfort.

Loud Operation or Weird Noises No One Can Explain

Don’t worry; your office probably isn’t haunted. It may be your rooftop AC unit. Many commercial HVAC systems have outdoor housing for your evaporator and condenser. While they’re built to resist bad weather or environmental damage, sometimes leaf debris or even a local raccoon can play havoc with the system.

Errant noises coming from the system can also mean a broken fan or loose piece of ductwork. The point is: don’t suffer in silence. Your HVAC professional can easily check to ensure everything is working properly, and quietly, too.

Save the sweat for the company picnic and boost momentum with a well-maintained commercial HVAC system that’s working exactly as it is supposed to! Remember, studies show that pleasant indoor temps play a significant role in keeping workers on task and morale high.

Have a commercial HVAC system that’s not up to snuff? Call Air-Tro today to come have a look. Our experienced, professional HVAC experts can save you money on energy bills and keep your air conditioning running smoothly this summer. Get in touch at (626) 357-3535.