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HVAC From Hell: Photos That Both Scare Us and Fill Us With Gratitude

Don’t try this at home. At least not with the HVAC folks who did this.

We were looking through issues of one of our favorite magazines, the ASHI Reporter, and saw these HVAC pictures, along with a few of the stories that go with them. We hope these never happen to you, and are so grateful that they haven’t happened to us. All photos and captions courtesy of The ASHI Reporter.


HVAC, ductwork

“Let’s use an aluminum roasting pan to capture exhaust heat and warm up the pipes before water gets to the water heater.”

Kyle D. Rodgers, A+ Home Inspections LLC, Siloam Springs, AR


Ventilation, AC vents

“No wonder the bathroom didn’t get cool when the AC was running.”

Matthew Steger, ACI, WIN Home Inspection Lancaster, PA


ventilation, air filtersJeremy Provan of Pro Vantage Home Inspections, Columbia, Md., notes…

“Here, a washable HVAC filter is being used as a gable vent. It should help to filter any dust that might want to enter or leave the attic—but not with ventilation.”


AC, ductwork

“The exhaust fan from the full bath below has been piped into the HVAC system’s return duct.”

Henry Blau, U.S. Inspect, Richmond, VA


air filters, HVAC

“This is an AC unit for the roof of an RV, being used to cool an attic.”

Larry Swanson, Advantage Inspection Services, Phoenix, AZ


air filter, furnace

“World’s dirtiest furnace vent!”

Randy Via, Charles L. Gleich & Associates, Columbus, OH


furnace, ductwork

“This is a new one. Dryer vent tubing used as duct work connected to the furnace.”

Larry Transue, Integrity Inspection, Inc., Easton, PA


HVAC, furnace

“Just a small miscalculation by the HVAC guys left this bedroom’s register in the closet.”

Jim Porter, BPG Property Inspection Services, Loomis, CA

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