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Air Conditioning: What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

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Julius Hatley and Fort Worth police officer William Margolis. Photo: CBS Dallas/Fort Worth

It’s a heartwarming story and one we hope “catches on” across the country, as we head into another long, hot summer. As reported by CBS News, World War II veteran Julius Hatley, 95, called 911 in Fort Worth, Texas a couple of weeks ago to report that both his central air conditioning system and his inexpensive wall unit were no longer working.

Initially, he tried to ignore the situation, continuing his routine of yard work and sitting on his front porch. But as temperatures climbed, he recognized that he was in a life-threatening situation, and called for help. The police found him covered in sweat and extremely unhappy. Taking matters into their own hands, Fort Worth police officer William Margolis and his partner decided to head over to Home Depot, and pick up another AC wall unit that would last until Hatley could get his central HVAC system fixed. Through their generosity and that of several Home Depot employees, Mr. Hatley was able to be cool once again in his home.

Air Conditioning: Safety and Comfort

It’s a great news story, and it underscores a very important point we’d like to make as the season begins to heat up. Air conditioning saves lives. Furthermore, against a backdrop of political furor over global climate issues, there’s a lot of misinformation circulating about its use. Is it bad for the environment? How bad? Is it somehow more healthful not to use it? Is air conditioning a sign of our superfluous consumer culture? Basically, should we sweat more and use our cooling systems less?

Don’t believe the hype. Along with Mr. Hatley, air conditioning keeps millions of people healthy, happy and safe during the warmer months. It promotes employee productivity, and what’s more, has far less negative impact on the environment than the heating systems (from fireplaces to furnaces) we all use in the winter. As science writer Daniel Engber says, “it’s more efficient to air condition homes in Florida than it is to warm the ones in Minnesota.” In fact, according to a 2010 government study, the average home in the United stats uses 40.4 million BTUs for wintertime heating, while only using 9.3 BTUs for home cooling in the summer.

HVAC Promotes Health

Air conditioning also has been linked to better mental health and overall well-being. Social scientists already know that cool, comfortable office temperatures result in greater work output and overall job satisfaction among office workers. But did you know that using data from both Toronto, Canada, and Jackson, Mississippi, researchers have also identified a greater risk for suicide among the general population during heat waves? As Mr. Hatley’s story illustrates, those without air conditioning are also obviously at greater risk for heat related illness too. News of record-breaking heat waves are sadly always accompanied by a spate of fatalities among those who are unable to find cooler shelter during such events.

Finally, the HVAC industry is working together with environmentalists and government regulators to make our industry fuel efficient, and greener than ever before. Reducing fossil fuel usage is a priority for everyone, including those of us who work in the HVAC industry. Together, we can keep not only California comfortable, but also the world.

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