Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units: Are They for You?

RTUs can make sense for commercial businesses.

commercial HVAC, energy efficiency
If office space is tight, you might want your HVAC on the roof instead!

Most businesses have their HVAC inside the building. But if you’re considering updating your equipment (and who isn’t, with the new tax deductions available), check out the possibility of a new rooftop unit for your commercial property. Unlike conventional HVAC, all the components of an RTU are within one convenient package. This includes everything from the AC evaporator and coils, to the fans, intakes, heat generator and compressor. The air handler and all elements of heating and cooling are right there, rather than being split into an outdoor unit and an inside system.

Benefits? There are more than a few. First, if you’re looking to save space, the single RTU package makes sense, especially when compared to conventional heating and cooling systems. With everything on the roof, you can use your commercial space for office or storage needs, rather than bulky HVAC equipment.

Easy to maintain, these systems also discourage vandalism by being away from the average pedestrian. Unless you have a problem with Batman on your roof, an RTU is ideal for commercial zones where graffiti and possible theft or damage to equipment comes with the territory. Also, since everything is in one place, you’ll minimize hassles with HVAC maintenance crews in the middle of your workspace or chatting up the office staff (not that we ever do that, of course…). You can’t beat it for convenience.

But the real advantage to a rooftop unit lies in its super energy efficiency. Most RTUs fall into the superior category for SEER and AFUE ratings, making them among the highest performance HVAC equipment you can buy. Furthermore, the advanced temp controls and other regulating features of these products make them far more able to moderate your indoor environment effectively. You’ll save money with lower utility costs, while reducing the amount of energy you use to heat and cool your commercial building.

Finally, these RTUs are often far quieter than conventional systems calibrated for commercial use, and they’re completely outside! You’ll keep your indoor environment quiet and comfortable without the noise and vibrations of typical HVAC systems.

Simple to install and already pre-assembled, an RTU is the solution for many commercial property owners. However, it’s important to remember these outdoor units do require regular inspection and maintenance. After all, they’re outside in the elements 24/7, far more exposed than your typical ground-mounted heating and air conditioning equipment. While you’ll save money on energy, failing to keep up with routine service will result in higher costs with these products.

In today’s world, maintaining indoor comfort for your tenants or employees is no longer optional. It’s mission critical. And with an RTU, you may just save money doing it. Get in touch today with an Air-Tro professional to discuss all your options!


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