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Economizers: The Hidden HVAC Equipment that May Be Costing You Money

Inspection and Maintenance Are Critical


More than 25 years ago, California lawmakers decided to mandate greener energy systems by requiring all commercial buildings to have what came to be called “economizers” included as part of their HVAC systems. In theory, this was a great idea! These outdoor intakes on commercial air conditioners would close on hotter days, keeping cool air in, and open on colder days, to draw in outside air and reduce HVAC run times. What’s not to like?

The Ubiquitous Source of Energy Waste

Unfortunately, while a required feature for California commercial buildings, many HVAC equipment manufacturers created substandard products that frequently broke down. This problem became compounded by how poorly these products were understood by the commercial building owners who were required to have them. Today, many business owners and property managers have no idea what an economizer is, let alone that their building has one.  When you consider the research showing that only one in four economizers actually works, what you have is a whole lot of wasted energy, and needlessly high utility bills.

Luckily, if you’re reading this blog, you’re already ahead of the game. Simply inspecting your economizer and fixing any problems could potentially save you thousands. Read our white paper here for a clear summary of the potential benefits of this equipment, and ways to fix or avoid issues with it in the future. Prefer to watch an information summary? We sum up the issues nicely with this video on YouTube.

Whatever you decide, definitely inspect your economizer sooner rather than later. As Southern California weather becomes more unpredictable and extreme, few among us can afford to waste money on high energy bills when it’s otherwise avoidable. Don’t make your current HVAC system have to work harder than it needs to in order to compensate for this kind of faulty product. Get proactive, and you’ll save all the way down the line on your commercial HVAC system, without sacrificing indoor comfort.


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