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Use Your Air Vent Covers to Maintain Indoor Comfort All Year Round

Saving Energy Saves You Money

Air Vent Covers, Air Conditioning
“Honey, it’s a great house, but did we close the vents to that unused guest room?”

The truth is that Southern California gets really cold or hot, depending on the season, and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures all year round often gets expensive for homeowners. We’ve covered the importance of changing out your air filters, fixing drafts and efficient thermostat control in this space as ways to promote saving energy, and keeping costs low without sacrificing indoor comfort. But let’s consider one detail we often leave out: use your vent covers!

Make Adjustments in the Rooms You Don’t Use

First, go around your home and shut the vent covers in the rooms you don’t use. Whether it’s an extra bedroom or an unused guest bathroom, why waste money or energy keeping an empty room comfortable?

Closing the vents in that room will prevent conditioned air from circulating in that area, and save it all for where you’re spending most of your time. Make sure to keep the door shut to that room too, to further close off airflow to and from that extra square footage. In doing so, you’ll notice the rest of the house is more comfortable, and you’ll be able to keep your utility bills low.

Install Air Deflectors for Vents You Do Use

Next, consider installing air deflectors for air vents that will remain open 24/7. Inexpensive and easy to add to any vent, these are also known as air vent diverters. As simple plastic accessories, these allow you to direct the air coming out of your vents. In the summer, you should be pointing them upwards towards the ceiling, as hot air rises. In the winter, aim the warm air coming out of the vents towards the floor.

In using these simple products, you avoid vents blowing air into the furniture, a window or near a heat-generating appliance (a lamp or a stove, for example). They work well, and are convenient and thrifty additions to any residential HVAC system.

Consider Getting a Professional Opinion

Finally, if you’re still noticing after all this that there are hot or cold areas within your home, consider calling in a professional for an HVAC inspection. Remember, it’s always cheaper to address air conditioning and heating problems when they arise, rather than waiting for small issues to become expensive challenges later on. Furthermore, an HVAC pro can identify further simple ways you can cut down on energy usage.

It’s always worth taking a little time to save a lot of money when it comes to energy costs. Use these tips and you can enjoy a more comfortable home, 365 days a year.


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