Forget Shark Week: HVAC Fins Are Important Too

Damaged Fins Block Airflow

HVAC fins, Service and Maintenance
“HVAC system seems to be working nicely, must be the fins!”

Most people outside the HVAC industry can identify and locate a few parts of their air conditioner: the condenser, the vents, maybe even where their air filters are. Hopefully you know where those are too, as changing your air filters is a regular and important part of a homeowner’s HVAC maintenance routine. However, you may not notice that your system also has two sets of fins that essentially facilitate the heat exchange process necessary to cool your indoor air.

Where Are These Darn Things, Anyway?

Inside your home, your system has an evaporator coil that works by evaporating the refrigerant inside the coil as heat is absorbed by the airflow coming through it. This part of your system has fins that can be sometimes inadvertently damaged or dislodged.

Your outdoor condenser unit also has fins. These too can be bent or twisted from power washing, tree branches, leaf litter or other outdoor hazards.

How Do I Avoid This Problem?

As you might suspect, twisted or damaged fins in either of these air conditioning elements will force your system to work harder to cool your air, thus using more energy… and you guessed it, costing more along the way as well. The solution? Regular inspections from a qualified professional can help you get a handle on these kinds of issues before they hamper the effectiveness of your overall HVAC equipment.

You would never drive your car without regular oil changes or checking the fluid levels in the engine regularly. Doing these basic maintenance tasks results in your vehicle lasting longer and running more smoothly, too. Heating and air conditioning is no different. Don’t leave the system untended until it breaks down. With a little care and planning, your HVAC can last for years, saving energy and maintaining indoor comfort no matter what the temps outside.


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