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It’s a Fact: Variable Speed Motor HVAC Saves You Money

Variable Speed Motors for Commercial HVAC Add Efficiency, Lower Your Spend

Commercial HVAC
Conserving energy in commercial buildings can translate to big savings.

Energy efficiency is great, but sometimes the cost of the new solution can seem to outweigh any immediate savings benefits. Not so with variable speed motors for commercial HVAC systems. Unlike the traditional alternating current motor that offers two modes of operation: on, or off, variable speed motors can change speed as needed. Not only do you end up with better airflow, but a VSM also means your system doesn’t have to work at full speed all the time.

Dan Schillinger, executive at the HVAC equipment manufacturing company Danfoss, explains it this way:

“Imagine driving your car with only a toggle switch to determine your speed,” he explains. “Your only options in this situation are to run the car at full speed or turn it completely off. This is how traditional compressors operate. They run at one speed and cycle on/off to match the load.

Variable speed compressors and drives act similarly to a car’s accelerator pedal, which enables the driver to control and match the speed of the car to their exact needs at any given moment or road conditions.

Variable speed means being able to precisely match system capacity to the actual load. They can slow down or speed up based on load…. and this translates to increased comfort and energy savings.”

HVAC powered by a variable speed motor uses less electricity, because it doesn’t work at full speed all the time. In fact, some industry pundits have stated that even a twenty percent reduction in motor speed translates into fifty percent less energy used in the average commercial building. That’s significant savings, costing you less to do more. Furthermore, without the constant, full speed demands on your system, you can also expect your HVAC equipment to last longer and require less maintenance over time.

But using a variable speed motor doesn’t just help your commercial property. It helps the community meet its energy goals. Today’s utility companies recognize that energy demand management is critically important to reduce the need for more power plants, and overall network investment state-wide. The benefits variable speed motor dovetail very nicely with these realities, and their use allow the consumer to take advantage of the very real financial incentives offered by utility companies towards this purpose.

Have questions? Unsure if variable speed motors are right for your commercial HVAC system? Read the white paper, and get up to speed on the latest in green technology.

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