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Paying Too Much for Commercial HVAC Operating Costs?

There’s never been a better time to “go green” to get some green!

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For any commercial property owner interested in the bottom line, saving energy might not seem as important as saving money. Indeed, the phrase “go green” might summon images of impossibly beautiful designer homes or luxury cars, all boasting a low carbon footprint with an impossibly high cost. But when it comes to your commercial HVAC system, going green isn’t about trendy looks or popular marketing gimmicks. It’s about spending less on energy, letting you save that money for the things that really matter.

Truth: Older HVAC Systems Mean More Expensive Ones, Too

The facts are twofold. First, older air conditioning systems typically use a whole lot of energy to operate. While you may be keeping your tenants or employees comfortable, it’s probably coming at a significantly more expensive cost to you than necessary. Using the latest breakthroughs in clean energy technology, there are new ways to upgrade your equipment that will immediately lower your operating costs on a daily basis, without having to overhaul your system entirely. Improving sustainability isn’t about hopping on the latest trend or fashion. It can translate into not only conservation of resources but also conservation of your wallet, too!

Adding Value, Lowering Cost

The second opportunity in a green retrofit for your HVAC system has to do with your tenants. Studies are consistently showing that people prefer to work and live in green-certified buildings, often seeking out opportunities in these spaces over those in older, less energy-efficient ones. In fact, one recent US study found that 79% of those surveyed would choose a job in a green-certified  building over one in a non-green certified location. That’s more than just convenience. Those are career choices.

Improving your commercial building with green technology makes it more rentable as well as more comfortable. That’s about adding value to your asset, not just hot air.

But don’t take my word for it. Download our free white paper below to get the facts on how going green can save you real money by doing so. With the current federal and state incentives for HVAC purchase and installation, there’s never been a better time for savvy commercial property owners to consider these options.

For more information, just sign on to read here. And discover why becoming a trendy “tree hugger” might just provide you some old fashioned value too.

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