Smart Savings: Upgrade Your Commercial HVAC Before Summer  

Avoid Urgent Decisions and Shop for the Best Commercial AC Deals Now

Commercial HVAC upgrade

It might seem counterintuitive to think about air conditioning during the cooler months of the year, but if you’re a savvy commercial building owner, now is the time to do precisely that. If your property’s HVAC system is old, seemingly requiring lots of repairs or costing you more to operate than it should on a day-to-day basis, spring and fall are when you should think about replacement. Don’t wait until your air conditioning goes out on the hottest day of the year, when tenants and employees are demanding cool air and prices are the highest. Here are just a couple of reasons why now might be the best season of the year to consider upgrading your air conditioning equipment—and how best to move forward. 

Time to Get a Consult. 

Everyone loves to talk about a brand-new system, but the fact is that before you pick out a new one, have us take a look at what’s happening with your current one. Without the pressure of a summertime heat wave and unhappy building occupants faced with a total equipment breakdown, you have leeway in cooler months to schedule a thorough inspection and assessment from one of our qualified HVAC experts first. Could you get more use out of your existing HVAC with a simple fix or economical retrofit instead of total replacement?  A professional can help you decide. 

Time to Repair Your Existing System.

Whether you have an electrical problem or leaky ductwork, it’s entirely possible that a failure to cool properly or a higher-than-normal energy bill is due to a correctable equipment problem. Staying on top of maintenance and keeping equipment in good condition are both good ways to squeeze the most out of older air conditioning. 

Waiting for things to get worse is not a cost effective strategy. As with a car, deferred maintenance and repair often lead to bigger and more expensive issues later. Knowledge is power, friends. 

Time to Look into All Your Options.

Technology is getting pretty advanced when it comes to air conditioning. Making the purchase of a new system a priority now allows you plenty of time to research all your choices for energy efficient, high-performance heating and cooling. It’s a big investment and one you’ll depend upon for at least a decade or more. Hasty choices are never good business when it comes to commercial building operation and maintenance decisions. Talk to our experts. Consider the size and specs of your building, and what system type makes sense for you. Whether you choose central, ductless, VRF or a VRV system for your commercial property, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made a well-informed choice. 

So, enjoy the temperate weather while you can, and make use of your friendly neighborhood HVAC tech for a conversation about your next steps. Thinking about your AC now will save you money and keep your commercial building operations running smoothly all summer long. 


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