Spring Cleaning for Your Air Conditioner? It’s a Thing!

Easy Maintenance Now Saves You Hassles Later

Service and Maintenance Air ConditionerSpring comes early in Southern California, and the first warm days will arrive before you know it. Before the temperatures get hot, take some time to get your air conditioner back into shape for the summer season. Maintenance now will keep everything clean and ready for hot weather later on. And with good “HVAC hygiene,” you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your indoor air is clean as well as comfortable. 

First, look at your air vents and floor registers. Whether you’re using a vacuum or a feather duster, take a moment to remove their covers and remove any dust or debris that’s accumulated within. If you have small children, you may even find lost crayons, doll shoes or Lego bricks that have been tucked inside for safekeeping by little hands over the winter.  Once you’ve wiped or brushed these areas clean, remember to re-attach their vent covers for future use. 

Next, change your air filters. We often discuss how important this routine task is for both the comfort and safety of your indoor air, but we can’t repeat it too often. Filters are inexpensive and readily available. Make use of clean, new ones often, especially if you live in Southern California. Our outdoor air is filled with the kinds of dust, debris, and microscopic contaminants that even a moderately rated air filter will remove before these particles get to your lungs. Take advantage of this easy solution for healthier air inside your home and within your HVAC system. 

Got a kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan? Use that feather duster or vacuum attachment and clean those too! Remember, bathrooms and kitchens can often have a lot of moisture, and removing any mildew inside these fans is critically important for keeping your indoor air sweet smelling as well as safe. 

Inspect the condenser outside your home. Chances are that winter storms and winds may have blown some leaves, branches, or other lawn detritus against its blades. Make sure to remove all vegetation around your equipment, and that nothing inside has been broken or otherwise compromised. 

Finally, consider scheduling a maintenance visit from your HVAC technician to check all the elements of your heating and air conditioning system. Routine inspections and taking care of those minor repairs now will ensure your equipment runs smoothly all summer long. 



Head off any problems with your summer air conditioning by scheduling spring HVAC maintenance now. Call Air-Tro at (626)357-3535.