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HVAC Service and Maintenance: Troubleshoot Common AC Problems This Spring  

Ensure High Performance for Your Summertime HVAC Season 

HVAC Service and Maintenance

Get ready for warm weather by knowing problems you may encounter when you turn on your air conditioning. Be ready and take action if needed. Luckily, most of these issues have easy solutions that can solved by an HVAC tech in a single afternoon. However, left untended, these common problems can turn into expensive hassles if they are ignored. Check out three of the most common situations we encounter, below: 

My vents aren’t blowing out cold air! 

There’s nothing more frustrating on a hot day than hearing your AC running, but no cold air coming out of the vents. If your system started up correctly, this problem likely has one of two causes. First, your HVAC technician will check refrigerant levels. If you have a leak, it’s possible that your refrigerant is low and preventing the unit from cooling properly.

If refrigerant levels are normal, you may have a problem with a clog in your condenser coil. This too can be solved relatively easily by your technician, who will clean the dirty coil, and remove the blockage. In any case, if you do notice your air conditioning doesn’t seem to be blowing cold air, get the system inspected as soon as possible. Air conditioning components can wear out or break quickly when one element isn’t functioning properly. As mentioned above, one problem can lead to another, more expensive one if ignored. 

My AC coils seem to be frozen! 

On a hot day, it might seem rather disconcerting to notice your condenser or coils have frozen. This can occur for several reasons. Would you believe even a dirty air filter or evaporator coil could be the problem? A blocked filter can prevent air from flowing over your evaporator coil, lowering the temperature of the refrigerant within your system. Dirt or debris covering your inside evaporator coil can also cause it to freeze over. Alternately, a vent within your home blocked by furniture or other household items can also result in a frozen coil by limiting airflow. Finally, even low refrigerant levels can prevent the system from absorbing much heat, ending up with a frozen coil too. 

My HVAC won’t shut off! 

If you notice your air conditioning won’t cycle off, start with your thermostat. A normal cooling cycle should last about 20 minutes. Any more than that and you’re using a tremendous amount of energy, resulting in higher utility costs and unnecessary wear and tear on your system. Check your thermostat settings to make sure the desired temperature has not been set incorrectly. Also, see if your fan is set to “on.” It is possible your system is shutting down correctly, but the noise from the fan has made it appear as if your HVAC is running continuously. Turn the fan to “auto” from “on” if this has occurred. 

If your thermostat settings seem to be accurate, you may have an issue with an electrical connection or even a temperature sensor. Your technician can assess the problem and make any adjustments necessary. 

Remember, staying on top of maintenance and repairs with regular service from your heating and air conditioning specialist will keep your system working and your indoor comfort steady, all summer long! 


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