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FYI: Your HVAC Economizer Is Probably Broken [INFOGRAPHIC]

What You Should Know About the HVAC Equipment You May Not Know You Had

HVAC air side EconomizerIf you’re a commercial property owner here in Southern California, chances are you have an economizer along with your HVAC system. They are required by Title 24 of the California energy code. Envisioned as an easy way to conserve energy and lower utility expenditures, these air-side economizers are supposed to cool your commercial building for free when the weather is right. And working properly, they can indeed save you up to 30% in energy costs.

Key phrase? “Working properly.”

The truth is, most economizers don’t function correctly. In fact, according to multiple studies, up to 75% of them are currently broken. Worse still, most commercial property owners and building managers have no idea they have an economizer, let alone that it’s most likely not functioning correctly. The most terrible news? A malfunctioning or non-functioning economizer can make an existing HVAC system have to work harder to do the same job, resulting in overall mechanical breakdowns, expensive utility bills, and less comfortable indoor environments.

Don’t get caught paying for the consequences of a broken piece of equipment you didn’t even know was there. Get smart, and get an HVAC professional to inspect your economizer, assess its functionality, and get it working properly. You’ll save a significant amount on utility bills, and be saving energy the easy way.

See more about these problematic systems and how to repair them in our infographic below.

hvac economizer infographic

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Economizers don’t have to cost you lots of money. After all, they were designed to save you some! Get the scoop here on ways to get this troublesome piece of equipment under control, fast.

Download “Genius Wasted: The Economizer Story” to learn more and feel free to give us a call at (626) 357-3535 if you have any questions about your building’s economizer.