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Three Ways to Promote Energy Savings with Your Current Commercial HVAC System

Going Green Is Easier Than You Think!

Energy Savings, HVAC

One aspect of green energy that many business owners sometimes overlook is that “going green” can often translate into getting more green, too—as in more greenbacks in your pocket. Saving energy results in lower utility bills and equipment that doesn’t have to work as hard, nor wear out as fast.

In other words, amid all the hype, achieving more energy efficiency is a smart goal for any commercial property owner worried about their bottom line. Does this mean you have to replace your entire system with a new one that comes with all the latest bells and whistles?

In many cases, not at all. While a system older than a decade may well be a sensible candidate for replacement, enhancing your energy savings doesn’t necessarily mean a total overhaul. In fact, there are multiple ways you can lower your utility costs almost immediately with a few changes and small upgrades to your existing heating and cooling equipment.

#1 Check your ductwork for leaks and debris.

Did you know that the Department of Energy estimates that faulty or leaky ductwork can result in more than a 30% reduction to energy efficiency? That’s money literally flying out your door with all the airflow that should be but isn’t moving through your ductwork instead. Check to make sure any joints are sealed and that there hasn’t been a critter infestation or worse. Animal nests, dirt and other debris can block airflow and make your system work harder than it should have to in order to maintain indoor comfort.

#2.  Consider installing an Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

The EPA has created a simple, free tool to help you measure and monitor the energy and water usage for your commercial building. You’ll need past energy bills and only some basic information to get started. It’s an effective way to create a benchmark for how your commercial building currently uses energy. It also allows you to set and implement goals for lowering your usage over time, all in a secure online environment.

#3.  Set up a schedule of preventative maintenance visits and inspections with a qualified HVAC specialist.

We can’t emphasize it enough: regular maintenance makes the difference between an HVAC system that saves you money and one that ends up costing you a whole lot in unnecessary breakdowns and repairs. A qualified technician will inspect and assess your equipment’s performance, making any necessary repairs and conducting routine maintenance on all parts and fittings to keep everything running as it should. These visits are quick, easy and play a significant role in any prudent energy management plan for your commercial property.

Just these few tips can save you a whole lot of time, hassle and expense when it comes to your commercial HVAC. So the next time your son or daughter comes home from college to suggest that going green involves eating only organic or wear sustainably farmed cotton underpants, just tell them you change your air filters regularly. You’re saving energy, so you’re green too!


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