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Allergies and Your Air Conditioner: What They Have In Common

Solutions for Your Sneezes Are a Phone Call Away

Allergies and AC

Everyone has an allergy to something these days, it seems. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, more than 50 million Americans have experienced some type of allergic response in the past year. Worse still, these reactions are estimated to cost our nation upwards of $18 billion dollars a year.

Whether it’s tree or plant pollen tracked in from outdoors, residential culprits like mold, or dust mites, or just plain old animal dander from your pet, it’s almost impossible to find a home without these irritants. But luckily, you can do something about it, especially when it comes to allergies and ac.

Change Your Air Filters

Ridding your home of potential allergens starts here. As we often remind you in this space, changing your air filters regularly is an inexpensive and easy way to keep your indoor air clean. A dirty filter not only costs you more money in utility bills by slowing airflow, but the filter also becomes less effective at trapping all the yucky stuff over time.  And who wants to breathe dander, dirt and all that pollen from the outside?

Once you’re familiar with what make and model works best with your HVAC system, you can easily find a replacement filter online. Make sure to stock up, replacing at least every 3 months, if not monthly, depending on how many pets you own.

Maintain Your AC

Has it been awhile since your HVAC tech has inspected your system? Consider setting up an annual maintenance appointment, stat! A qualified heating and air conditioning professional will assess your ac equipment for leaks and humidity control problems. Left unchecked, these can lead to serious mold and mildew issues that can be expensive to resolve, along with presenting serious health consequences.

Consider UV Light

While you may be aware that hospitals and scientific research centers use specialized UV light equipment to sanitize their air, few people realize there are cost-effective, real world UV light options for residential HVAC systems to clean their indoor air, too. It starts with a UV light installed near your air conditioner’s evaporator coil. This germicidal light kills all the pathogens catching a free ride in your indoor air as it flows through the air-cooling process. As the air passes through the UV light, all those dander particles, bacteria, viruses and mold spores are destroyed, leaving your indoor air clean and far more sanitary.

The air we breathe in Southern California is frequently compromised. There’s no reason your indoor air should be as well. Get in touch with Air-Tro today and schedule an in-home appointment with an HVAC professional. You’ll breathe easier, knowing your home is cleaner and safer with heating and cooling equipment that is performing at its best.



Protect your family from allergies. Call Air-Tro today to inspect and maintain your HVAC system before summer begins! (626) 357-3535.