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Hi-Tech Flu Protection: Using UV Light in Your HVAC at the Office

After All, Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant.

indoor air quality, energy efficiency
Bring the power of sunshine into your commercial building.

With “sick building syndrome” in the news lately, there’s a lot of concern right now about mold and other bacteria in the air we breathe at work. And it turns out that those fancy commercial office buildings constructed in recent years often provide little ventilation and a whole lot of moisture for dangerous contaminants to spread.  Frankly, the best thing for every building would seem to let a little sunshine inside. Indeed, ultraviolet light kills viruses and bacteria before they can spread. But how can you bring that protection into the office?

New breakthroughs in HVAC technology have made that a simple question to answer, with UV light equipment. Adding ultraviolet devices to your HVAC will not only kill up to 90% of microorganisms lurking in your commercial air conditioning system, but will also remove other irritants that can worsen allergies, exacerbate breathing problems and contribute to virus exposure among your building’s occupants. Cleaner, safer air is the end result.

And the side benefits? When your ductwork and HVAC equipment is free of debris, it works better, promoting energy efficiency and more complete airflow throughout your building. Improved ventilation has also been directly linked to greater workplace productivity and job satisfaction, as well.

As a commercial building owner, you have several choices when it comes to low cost, high performance UV lights for your HVAC system. Your licensed HVAC contractor will have more information after doing a full area inspection. Whether you choose total air sterilization or coil treatment, you’ll see an immediate improvement to air quality within your building.

Stop viruses, bacteria, mold and other unwanted “ride alongs” from clogging up your commercial building’s air conditioning system. Read more about how UV light can become a huge value add for your commercial building with our newest white paper, found here.  With today’s UV technologies, you can say, “here comes the sun” and say hello to clean air!

Want to stop viruses, mold and other bacteria from contaminating your HVAC system? Get a consult on the newest UV light technologies available for your commercial building. Call Air-Tro today at (626) 357-3535.