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Indoor Hot and Cold Spots Mean It’s Time for an HVAC System Checkup

Inconsistent Indoor Temps Could Signal Airflow Problems

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Are some rooms colder in your home than others?

Usually, residential customers notice it in a cold snap. Most of the house is warm and cozy, while one room feels like the North Pole. Usually, this is also the room that gets extra hot in the summertime, too. What gives?

There are a few possible causes for these kinds of problems, the most common of which we explore below. If you notice nothing seems to be flowing out of an air vent while the heat is on, unusual noises or whistling sounds coming from your system, or drafty zones within your home, it’s time to think about an HVAC airflow issue.

Reason #1.

What’s happening with your condenser outside? Often branches, everyday litter or other debris can fall on top of this equipment and stay there, blocking the unit. Sometimes yard and landscape maintenance workers may not realize the consequences of a leaf blower sending a shower of dirt and leaves into the condenser.

The good news? Often you can fix this problem yourself, simply by walking around your outdoor unit. Clear away any vines, or greenery that could be blocking airflow and impeding performance. Inspect the condenser to ensure it appears relatively clean and free of debris.

Reason #2.

Inside your home, furniture, piles of toys or clothes on the floor can also inadvertently block an HVAC register. In one home recently where the HVAC appeared to be malfunctioning, we found a laundry room door was frequently left open, completely blocking the large register on the wall next to it. This translated into a very cold room when someone was doing laundry.

Boxes, chairs, or rugs can also prevent airflow from your HVAC vents. Do a quick inspection of your home before calling in a specialist. Just moving a sofa may solve your uneven room temperature problems!

Reason #3.

We talk about the importance of clean air filters a lot in this space but it’s worth repeating. Dirty, clogged air filters not only cost you more money by making the HVAC system have to work harder to heat your home, but also create serious indoor comfort issues.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to change these filters regularly, once you know what models you need. Consult with your HVAC specialist if you have questions.

Reason #4.

Ductwork can get blocked, bent or leaky with infiltration from pests, rodents or even windy weather. Once these ducts are no longer delivering air efficiently through the vents, you’ll experience problems with inconsistent temperatures within your home.

Don’t mess around with the possibility that something with four legs or a beak has compromised your HVAC system. Get your ductwork checked out for leaks, blockages or worse.

If you have inconsistent indoor comfort in your home, check your system to determine causes of these airflow issues. You’ll save money down the road by preventing bigger HVAC problems later, and almost certainly enhance the energy efficiency of your current system.


Is your home hot in some rooms and cold in others? Call in a specialist. Air-Tro is the company the San Gabriel Valley trusts for all their heating and air conditioning needs. Call us today at (626) 357-3535.