BioAgri Pharmaceuticals

This large bioengineering plant required enormous amounts of ventilation, but the incoming air needed to be sterilized to prevent exposing poultry to Newcastle virus and avian/bird flu. And the 20,000 birds required 60,000 cubic feet per minute of outside air, which presented a significant engineering challenge.

Air-Tro mastered the challenge with the installation of over 400 feet of spiral ductwork, some of which measured up to 6 feet in diameter. To prevent the infiltration of bacteria and viruses, we installed banks of ultraviolet lights, using over 60 lamps to ensure proper sterilization of the ventilation air. The project required the design and fabrication of a 30-foot-high structural steel scaffolding to support the ductwork, extensive roofing work for duct penetrations and patching, and electrical connections to the banks of sterilization lamps.

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