USC Regency Hall

The University of Southern California wanted outstanding performance and top energy efficiencies for the to-be-renovated Regency Residency Hall, so Air-Tro Inc installed a complete Mitsubishi Electric City MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow system, including 12 air handlers and matched Mitsubishi condensers.

The project involved over 1,200 feet of copper refrigerant lines, digital controls to monitor and vary refrigerant flow, and the demolition and removal of the existing heating and air conditioning system, all of which had to be done on a tight schedule so that work would be complete and occupancy certificates issued before classes resumed and students returned.

Since this was a general renovation project (and not just for heating and air conditioning), it required coordinating work with a dozen other skilled trades at work on the project, and contingencies and change orders had to be dealt with promptly to keep the project on schedule. The renovation was completed on time and on budget, giving USC students modern, comfortable living quarters for the 2012-2013 academic year.

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