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L.A. Leadership Academy

When Los Angeles Leadership Academy chose to purchase and rehabilitate a 30,000 square foot, somewhat-neglected building complex for its new charter school location, it turned to Air-Tro to bring the building’s heating and air conditioning systems up to the 21st century. Budget constraints forced the project to span five years and to include a mix of private contracting and state-funded prevailing wage work, but over the course of the project, Air-Tro replaced the chiller plant, the boiler, many of the air handlers, and nearly all of the ductwork.

Due to the phased nature of the project, much of the work took place while students were on campus, so Air-Tro took all necessary safety precautions to protect the well-being of the children while ensuring that all work was done to the high standards expected for schools and meeting the schedule of the Academy.

replacement chiller plant, Pasadena, CA

Pasadena, CA boiler replacement

Pasadena, CA air handler replacement

Pasadena, CA ductwork

Pasadena, CA chiller plant replacement

Pasadena, CA boiler repair

Pasadena, CA air handlers replacement

Pasadena, CA Ductwork

Pasadena, CA Air Handlers


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