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How Much Electricity (Kilowatts) Does My AC Really Use?  

Did you know it’s possible to calculate your annual energy expenditures for AC using a simple formula? You’ll need to know your equipment’s BTU capacity and divide it by the Seasonal Efficiency Ratio of your current system. For more information and what it means, contact the experts today at Air-Tro. We’ve been helping our customers save energy and make informed decisions on the best HVAC for their needs since 1969! (626)357-3535.  
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Why Do You Need an Annual AC Maintenance Plan in Los Angeles, Anyway?

Just as you would schedule a regular oil change for your car, consider an annual AC maintenance plan for your air conditioning system. Your qualified technician can ensure your AC is in great shape for summer, while heading off any minor repairs or problems before they turn into big ones. Call Air-Tro today to schedule your appointment. (626) 357-3535.