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Why Do You Need an Annual AC Maintenance Plan in Los Angeles, Anyway?

You Deserve Clean Air and Indoor Comfort

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While most of us wouldn’t think of letting our primary car go without regular oil changes, many people don’t realize that their HVAC system also requires regular maintenance. Rather than waiting until it breaks down, consider enrolling in an annual AC maintenance plan for your system. Now is a good time, before the weather runs hot and any minor AC problems turn into major ones.

What Does a Technician Do During a Visit?

A regular inspection will do more than just keep your equipment working. They’ll head off trouble, too.  First, your technician will check to see if your system is running clean. They’ll change out air filters, along with inspecting for signs of weather damage, critters in the ductwork or debris in the condenser. All these issues can occur during the off-season when you don’t run your air conditioning, and lead to big problems later. Your technician will also examine all components. They’ll oil, tighten or replace what needs attention, and test refrigerant levels if necessary. They’ll calibrate the thermostat and inspect the condensate drain for clogs, too.

What Happens if I Skip Regular Maintenance?

While each of these elements of an annual AC maintenance plan may seem trivial, every single chore left undone can lead to total system breakdown, leaks and unnecessarily high energy bills. For example, a dirty air filter can not only reduce airflow throughout your home, but also allow outside irritants, bacteria, and other organic debris into your living areas, creating unpleasant smells and even breathing issues for those who are sensitive. A minor leak in your ductwork caused by a winter storm can turn into a major problem by summer, preventing cool air from reaching you while costing hundreds of dollars in wasted energy bills.

Keep Your System Running Smoothly

Getting an annual AC maintenance plan can prevent these problems by troubleshooting minor issues before they become big ones. Just like an oil change can keep your car running smoothly, this regular maintenance will keep your indoor temperatures reliably cool when the weather outside gets hot. And in a world of uncertainty, surely the comforts of home should be something you can count on all summer long.


An annual AC maintenance plan can save you money and keep your system running reliably all season long. Call Air-Tro today. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969! (626) 357-3535.