HVAC Monrovia: Essential Steps of a Professional A/C Installation

HVAC Monrovia: Essential Steps of a Professional A/C Installation

HVAC Monrovia: Essential Steps of a Professional A/C InstallationWhen you’re shopping for a new air conditioner, you should always check the appliance’s efficiency rating. However, that’s not the only factor that will have an impact on your energy costs. How you actually install your A/C can also have an affect on your utility bills.

Here are four factors you should discuss in depth with your HVAC consultant to ensure you’ll get maximum efficiency from your A/C:


You don’t want your HVAC consultant to use a “rule of thumb” to calculate the size of your air conditioner. Equipment that’s too large for your home will short cycle, or turn on and off continuously, resulting in greater wear and tear on your A/C.

An A/C that’s too small may run continuously, costing you more money for utilities and again, wearing out the equipment. Your consultant should use Manual J software to determine the cooling load your equipment will need to bear, as well as Manual D for ductwork capacity and Manual S for the actual size of the equipment.


Air should move through your system at a certain rate of cubic feet per minute (cfm), so the evaporator coil can absorb heat, thus lowering your home’s temperature. Several factors can account for improper airflow:

  • Ducts aren’t properly sized
  • There’s an insufficient number of return ducts
  • Ducts are designed wrong
  • You have the wrong size air handler
  • Your blower fan is too slow


Ductwork size should be determined by Manual D, as mentioned above. Proper sealing measures, such as mastic, metal screws and metal-backed tape, should be used. Improperly sized ducts can adversely affect the rate of air delivery, cutting down on efficiency. Improperly sealed ducts are likely to leak air over time.


Your HVAC installer will charge your system with refrigerant. The wrong level of refrigerant will hinder your system’s ability to cool your home.

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